Assessment interviews for WP3 starts...

The interviews aims at raising awareness of the "evidence-based" VET consulting and engaging key stakeholders.

We are at the beginning, if you are interested to the project and its outputs, it is important in helping us by providing feedback!

QSE-VET in social media

The Facebook page of the QSE-VET project is ready!

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QSE-VET Kick off meeting

The kick off meeting of the European project "QSE-VET - Quality standards for evidence-based vocational education: indicator 5 and 6 of EQAVET" was completed with great success on 08-09 February 2018 in Larissa, Greece.

The first issue of QSE-VET Newsletter has been published

QSE-VET newsletter includes:

  1. QSE-VET Project: Objectives
  2. What are performance-based and evidence-based approaches in VET?
  3. QSE-VET Project: Outcomes and Deliverables
  4. Read more about the QSE-VET Guidelines
  5. Target groups
  6. QSE-VET Partnership

Please download here the Issue 01.
Please download here the Issue 02.
Please download here the Issue 03.

The 1st newsletter is available in 2 more languages which you can find below:

Please download here the Issue 01 in Swedish.
Please download here the Issue 01 in Italian.